Scheduling your nursery staff

What is the best way to allocate costly resources and improve competitiveness? If managed correctly, re-directing resources to handle shortages or re-arranging the sequence of activities can lower costs, reduce waste, shorten cycle time and accelerate delivery times. These are often the difference between making a profit or a loss. During the season you will employ a certain amount of labour to fulfil your growing plan. This amount is of course related to the amount of plants you grow. To allow a precise calculation, HortiBench lets you link certain activities to the growing information of a species. For instance to grow a species you will need a certain amount of hours of potting, an amount of hours of spacing, plant care, watering etc. With your plant amounts of the production schedule HortiBench can with a click of the button calculate for you how much labour you will need during the weeks of the season. HortiBench even allows you to categorise these different activities into groups. So you can group the hours into for instance skilled, non-skilled, or plant-technical labour. The Weekly Activities Report shows all the planned activities for the weeks and the plants that require them. To plan the labour requirements of your nursery you can print the Labour Requirements report which totals the required labour. With this report you can see the week by week labour requirements of the different labour categories which is very useful for staff planning.