HortiBench 2022 Light Ideal version for the nursery that begins to use production planning software for the first time. Good for a small range of plants and production profiles have limited tweaking options.
HortiBench 2022 Standard Our standard version which includes all the strategic planning options. Create your production plan and see the resulting sales availability, material requirements, labour requirements, space requirements and financial picture.
HortiBench 2022 Pro This version also includes two add-on modules for Space & Locations Planning plus Staff & Operations Planning.
HortiBench 2022 MX A special all out version which includes our Trach & Trace module and the Optimiser module based on Artificial Intelligence algorithms.
Plant Manager
Plant Growing Profiles
Create Production Schedules
Schedule Production for Contract growing
Schedule Production for Speculative growing
Production Schedule Reports and Charts
Sales Availability Reports and Charts
Material Requirements Reports
Labour Requirements Reports
Space Requirements Reports and Charts
Financial Results Reports and Charts
Product Mix Analysis Reports and Charts
Product Cost Analysis Reports and Charts
Actual figures entry and comparison with Planned figures
Simulator for 'What If' scenarios
Visual Nursery Space Scheduler
Visual Allocation of Nursery Locations to Batches by Drag & Drop
Automatic checking of available nursery space based on Plant density, Growing environment etc.
Nursery space utilisation charts per Site or Department
Automatic generation of Nursery Tasks based on operations for all products grown
Visually schedule staff to Nursery Tasks by Drag & Drop
Daily and weekly Task List Reports for individual staff members
Daily and weekly Task List Reports for team leaders and management
Fully automatic placement of Batches in optimal Nursery Departments and Locations
Fully automatic allocation of Nursery Tasks to Staff based on availability and skills
Production schedule optimisation on Space to maximise the nursery utilisation
Production schedule optimisation on Operations to maximise/minimise nursery permanent/seasonal staff
Production schedule optimisation on Finance to maximise nursery profit and cash-flow