The International Nursery Planning Solution

HortiBench is production planning software which assists you, the nursery or greenhouse manager, with the production- space- and financial planning in your nursery or greenhouse. HortiBench gives you improved control over all the different batches that you grow for a wide variety of species.

HortiBench can reduce your costs through better allocation and management of resources. It will reduce waste and give a higher utilization of your nursery space. By comparing several possible production plans HortiBench helps you to identify and quantify the best solution, providing an optimized plan of attack to achieve the best results for your nursery.

HortiBench lets users maximize profits by identifying the best mix of products for their fixed capacity space, be it protected or open fields. HortiBench is ideal in a situation where a nursery grows a big range of plant species and varieties, each with their own growing characteristics, requirements and market possibilities. HortiBench is indispensable where nursery management has to make allocation decisions concerning their capital-intensive glasshouse space, skilled staff and the use of costly energy resources.

After Brexit and Covid finally a new version!

Celebrating more then 25 years of HortiBench!!

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HortiBench is a modular software application which offers everything your nursery needs for production planning, whether you are a small family nursery or an international nursery with multiple sites. While the HortiBench Production Planner starting module will enough for the smaller nursery, we have a range of add-on modules for the bigger ones. This modularity also provides for a gradual learning curve and a spread financial investment.

Once you have HortiBench in place and been running with it for a while we have several modules to extend your functionality with like: the Space & Locations Planner, the Staff & Tasks Planner, the Orders & Prices Planner, the Truck & Trolley Planner, the Track & Trace Module and the AI Optimization Module.

Integrates with other software

HortiBench is not an ERP system and only deals with planning. It is an open software system which means that it integrates with other software applications like ERP, Word and Excel. Since we didn't want to reinvent the wheel and we don't like developing bookkeeping software, HortiBench also integrates with a range of existing accounts packages like Sage or Quickbooks. We can even link HortiBench to Epos, Barcoding or Time registration systems that you might have in place.

Who uses HortiBench

HortiBench is in use by nurseries that grow pot plants, bedding plants, young plants, perennials, trees, shrubs, cut flowers, herbs and vegetable plants.

Users of HortiBench can be found in more then 20 countries word-wide from most European countries to the USA and Canada, Australia and New Zealand, to Japan, Brazil and South Africa. This means you can take advantage of the experience and feedback of many nurseries and growers around the world, each with their own specific way of operating. This is reflected in the extensive functionality and flexibility of HortiBench.

Whether you propagate from seed or cuttings, grow-on plugs or liners, harvest cut flowers or vegetables, HortiBench can help you to plan and achieve the best results for your nursery.

Simple and Stand alone, on your server or from the cloud

HortiBench has smart routines hidden behind a simple and intuitive user interface. It is developed with the grower and nursery manager in mind who normally is not a computer expert. You therefore don't need to be a computer expert to use HortiBench because it has a visual and intuitive interface and is therefore very easy to use.

You can have HortiBench as a single-user on one pc, or you can have a multi-user networked solution on your own server. Recently we have also added a cloud version in case you do not want to run your own server.