HortiBench lets you schedule plants of every species you grow. You can plan single batches of a variety, for a specific week, or you can schedule whole groups of plants together. You can schedule as many plants as you want and build up your whole nursery production for the season. HortiBench will then calculate all the resulting figures from this schedule. It will show you when you will have your plants available for sale, how much labour you need to grow the production, which materials you need in which week and probably most importantly, what the financial result will be of the plan.


Use HortiBench for Plants, Trees, Flowers, Vegetables ...

HortiBench can be used for plants, trees, flowers or any other kind of horticultural produce. They can be scheduled individually, per tray, per batch or any other unit you use on your nursery. The plants in HortiBench are defined by the species name and particular variety. Species are grouped together for easier reference and to make calculations easier.

HortiBench for Contract Growing and Speculative Growing

You can use HortiBench for speculative growing by building up your schedules with batches built on previous experience or you can use the order entry screen to build your schedule from pre-realised growing contracts. Business responsiveness and customer satisfaction are improved with the use of HortiBench. The business trend companies have to respond to these days is that their customers will order, more frequently, smaller quantities at a time, from a bigger assortment of products and for faster delivery. HortiBench gives nurseries the tool to deal with these demands.